Here at Yakchu Pi-Chu Royal Retreat we realize that pets come in all shapes and sizes, and we welcome them wholeheartedly, with a few exceptions:

  • No cats.
  • They must have between one and four legs.
  • They cannot be farm or jungle animals.
  • They must be dogs.
  • Okay, we will take tigers, as long as they are named "Obie", and are potty trained.
  • Yaks are not considered pets, but ROYALTY and will be treated as such.
  • Absolutely NO cats.
  • We really mean it about the cats.

We have many activities available for your pet, including a seasonal favorite - the "Doggie Waterfall." Please note that this is a day trip experience for your pet to our associated pet resort, Yakchu Pet-Chu. Your pet will travel there in style aboard our pet-friendly Yak Air helicopters.

Also available, by popular request, is our in-house Pet Spa where your favorite furry friends can be pampered just like you. Shown below is the Pet Spa's hot tub and tanning bed.

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If your pets have any questions, feel free to have them contact our Pet Concierge, Maggie, via email. She is fluent in all canine languages.

Yakchu Pi-Chu Royal Retreat uses your personal information as regards to this website. We do not share it with anyone else.