StarYaks Coffee Bar

Welcome to Staryaks Coffee Bar! We offer a wide variety of roast coffees, handpicked by our baristas to match the palates of our guests. If we don't have what you want we can have it flown in. That's why we have a helicopter pad onsite. Although famous for our lattes, we also make a mean Thai iced coffee.

We are proud to be the only Authorized Reseller of High Himalayan Roast coffee beans in the world. The only other place you can taste this unique coffee is in the western Kunlun Mountains, in and around the Valley of Shangri-la.

Since the elevation coffee beans are grown in is one of the major flavor factors for coffee, it would appear that the Himalayan Mountains would be a natural place for coffee production. Although optimal coffee-growing conditions include factors such as few pests and/or diseases and rich soils, they also traditionally include cool to warm tropical climes, resulting in the world coffee belt sitting near the Equator.

Due to the unique environmental conditions of the Shangri-la Valley region, however, coffee has been grown there for over 2800 years. The original beans are said to have been introduced by King Yakbakatchu the Fourteenth, following his return from a trading expedition to the Sabaean Kingdom (in modern Yemen).

Some of our most popular menu items featuring our High Himalayan Roast include:
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Lhasa Latte
(Salted caramel and frothed yak milk)

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Himalayan Mocha
(Tibetan cocoa and frothed yak milk)

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Yummy Yakkucinno
(A hint of French Madagascar vanilla and frothed yak milk)

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Kunlun Karamel Yakkiato
(Caramel and frothed yak milk)

All of our ingredients are grown in Shangri-la and shipped overnight to us via Yak Air. We also offer a nice variety of teas, both hot and cold.

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