Yaktoberfest Begins with Yeti Hunting Season

paintball yeti yelling

It's time for Yaktoberfest at The Resort. This year, like every other year, we kick it off with Yeti Hunting Season, commencing on Yaktober 10th. It's one of their favorite times of the year. They have been stocking up on ammo for their paintball guns. Each yeti is assigned a unique paint color so they can tally their "kills" for their Top Gun Trophy Competition. They hunt the resident humans of the valley, as well as the Resort staff and patrons and they are very good shots, justly famous for their camouflage and ambush skills - so be be very careful out there. If you are "shot," wait around for a few minutes - the Yetis are really big into selfies. If you don't have a camera with you, not to worry - the Resort will see that you get a copy of the Yeti's.

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